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The turbo switch doesn't seem to affect the speed of the system at all (maybe not even affecting the turbo LED)

Explanation: The turbo button doesn't seem to do anything.

Diagnosis: On an older system (486 or earlier) the turbo button should change the speed that the system runs at; it is possible that you just aren't noticing the difference for some reason. The turbo button could also be disconnected. Newer systems do not use the turbo switch for anything any more, so no response on a Pentium-class or later system is probably normal.


  • If this is a newer system, basically any Pentium-class or later motherboard, ignore the turbo button and don't worry about it.
  • If this is an older system, first make sure that the turbo LED is working, as if it is not you might think you have a problem when you really don't.
  • Double-check the connection of the turbo switch to the motherboard. Make sure the connection is solid.

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