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The speed readout on the front of my case is reading the wrong speed

Explanation: The LED speed readout is not displaying the correct speed of the processor.

Diagnosis: The LED speed indicators that appear on some cases are static displays that are hard-coded to either one or two values. Some show only one speed value, while others show a different speed depending on whether the turbo button is pressed in or not. None of them, however, actually detect the speed of the processor. They just show whatever the person who put the case together programmed them to show, using jumpers that can be changed by anyone who opens up the case and moves them around (as long as you have the documentation to show how they work, since it varies from case to case). If you upgrade your CPU, the readout of course will still show the old speed, since it has no idea what processor is in the box.


  • Open up the case and change the jumpers so that the correct speed is shown. You may have to play around with the jumpers if you don't have the manual (or if it is too confusing to be of any use, which has happened to me). You may also find that your new high-speed processor requires a number larger than the display can handle... many go no higher than 199 for example.
  • Open the case and disconnect the two wires feeding +5V power to the display so that no number shows on the readout.
  • Just ignore the stupid thing. :^)

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