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At boot time, the system is reporting the wrong processor speed

Explanation: The system is reporting the processor speed, but it is incorrect.

Diagnosis: The BIOS usually reports the current speed of the processor, but remember that this speed is controlled by how the motherboard is set up. There is no way to "interrogate" the processor and determine its "correct" speed. Usually misreported speeds are due to BIOS problems or misconfigured processors.


  • First, if in considering the speed misreported, you are referring the LED speed readout on the front of your case, realize that this display does not have anything to do with the processor at all.
  • If this is a just-purchased system, contact your system vendor immediately. It's possible that they mixed up your order and sent you the wrong processor by mistake.
  • Double-check that the processor is set up correctly; check the motherboard jumper settings. If it is misconfigured then you may be running it not at the speed you are supposed to be, and the BIOS may be correctly telling you that.
  • If the reported speed of the processor is off slightly, such as a Pentium 166 being reported at 167 for example, this is probably just a quirk. Don't worry about it.
  • Your system BIOS may require an upgrade, especially if you are using a newer chip that may not have been on the market when your motherboard was designed.

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