Troubleshooting Monitors - Image Quality Problems

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The screen is totally white or gray in color

The displayed image is too bright or dim

The screen contrast is too high or low

The size of the displayed image on the screen is too large or small

One of the primary colors is missing from all displayed images, or one of the primary colors flickers in intensity intermittently

The displayed image seems to be flickering, which is causing eye strain and fatigue

The screen image is bulging in or out in the middle (the vertical edges of the screen bow in or out)

The screen image is blurry, particularly lines and other features that should be displayed as sharp

There are one, two or three faint stationary horizontal lines on the screen, most visible when displaying a white background

There is a great deal of glare off the surface of the screen, partially obscuring the displayed image

The screen image is distorted, with wavy lines or warbling of the displayed image

There is an irregular splotch of color on the screen, visible especially when a white background is displayed

The video image is intermittently fluctuating or disappearing from view

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