Troubleshooting Hard Disk Drives - Booting or Operation Problems

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There is an apparent failure of the hard disk; the hard disk is not bootable nor accessible at all

I had a hard disk that was functioning properly in one PC, but when I moved it to another PC or upgraded the motherboard, it stopped working, or the data on it was not accessible

The hard disk will not boot, but is accessible after booting from a floppy disk

The hard disk won't autodetect in the BIOS setup program

The hard disk won't autodetect at boot time

There appears to be a failure or problem with a hard disk controller

The system hangs up while trying to boot the hard disk when it is first booted after turning it on, but will boot after a warm reset

When I boot up Windows 95, it says it is using compatibility mode for my hard disk

I have a SCSI hard disk and IDE/ATA hard disk in the same system, and I want to boot the SCSI one but the IDE one always boots first

My hard disk has been diagnosed as legitimately being dead (it cannot be accessed at all). Is there anything I can do to recover the data on it?

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