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The hard disk is vibrating a great deal while running

Explanation: The hard disk is causing a great deal of vibration as it spins while running.

Diagnosis: Hard disks, especially newer ones, do vibrate to some extent, although this should not be excessive. Better quality disks will normally have less vibration than cheaper ones. A disk that vibrates a great deal or that starts vibrating more than it did in the past may be headed for failure. On the other hand, some vibration is not a great concern.


  • Make sure that the hard disk is mounted securely and properly into the case. Ensure that four screws have been used to mount it, and that they are tightly secured (but not too tightly, or the drive could be damaged).
  • If the case itself is cheaply made (using cheap aluminum sheet metal instead of a sturdier steel) then this will tend to allow more vibration.
  • If a drive begins to rattle, or to vibrate much more than it ever did in the past, this could be a sign of pending failure (although it might not be). In particular, it is often a sign of bearings that are failing; see this section.

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