Troubleshooting Hard Disk Drives - Missing Space Issues

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I bought a hard disk that is supposed to be a certain size (say 4.0 GB), but FDISK or Windows Explorer only reports seeing a smaller number (say 3.8 GB), even though the disk is brand new and empty

There is hard disk space missing on my disk drive; there should be more space free than there actually is, or the system says the hard disk is full even though there should be space free

I copied the data from a smaller hard disk volume to a larger one and now it takes up more space

I have a hard disk that is over 540 MB in size but the system is seeing it only as a 504 MB or 528 MB drive

I have a disk over 2.1 GB in a system that has BIOS translation, that FDISK or other utilities see as either only 2.1 GB or as a much smaller disk, say only around 400 MB in size

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