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Troubleshooting Specific Components

This section of the Troubleshooting Expert is for diagnosing problems that are related to a specific part of your PC. Each of the major subsystems and components currently covered in the site--plus a couple of additional ones--has a section here, listing various problem conditions and offering possible solutions to them. For general system problems, look here.

When you are troubleshooting a specific component or system, bear in mind that often a problem observed in a component can in fact have a root cause that is unrelated to the part of the PC exhibiting the system. Also, in many cases an item that appears to be failing may be simply connected incorrectly or misconfigured. Make sure to keep an open mind, and check out these general troubleshooting tips.

Warning: Please make sure to read the site warnings before working on your system.

Note: Please read this section for steps you should try first when troubleshooting.

Please select from the index which area of the system is exhibiting the problem.

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