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I am having problems trying to flash my BIOS

Explanation: "Flashing" the BIOS refers to upgrading the BIOS program through software. This can allow you to quickly and easily increase the capabilities of your system, but if performed incorrectly

Diagnosis: It is extremely important to follow the manufacturer's instructions in detail when performing a flash BIOS upgrade. These upgrades are highly vendor-specific.


  • Read the instructions for performing the flash BIOS carefully. Some motherboards require a special jumper to be set on the motherboard in order to perform a flash BIOS upgrade. If this jumper is not set, the flash will not work.
  • Perform the upgrade on a clean-booted system, from DOS (not any form of Windows) and with no drivers or special programs of any sort loaded.
  • Do not be afraid to consult with the motherboard manufacturer's technical support.
  • If you improperly flash the BIOS, if the flashing is interrupted (by a power failure) or if you flash the wrong BIOS image, you may corrupt the BIOS chip to the point where the system will no longer boot. Look here for assistance.

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