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One of the pins on the motherboard is bent

Explanation: One of the pins that makes up one of the connectors or headers on the motherboard is bent.

Diagnosis: This is usually a manufacturing defect, or is caused by rough handling or abuse of the motherboard. The pins are malleable and it is usually possible to correct the problem.

Recommendation: With the power to the motherboard disconnected, examine the bent pin carefully. Using a pair of needle-nose pliers, grasp the end of the pin firmly. Slowly, slowly, bend the pin back into the correct position.

Note: There is always a chance that a bent pin will break off. This may be unavoidable, especially if the pin has been bent severely. Generally, I have found that the chances of breakage increase dramatically when the pin has been bent more than 45 degrees. If it has been bent 90 degrees and you can straighten it without breaking it, well done! :^)

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