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My system is reporting that it has a "static resource conflict"

Explanation: On rare occasions, some motherboards may produce an error at boot time saying that they have detected a "static resource conflict". This is a result of the Plug and Play feature of the BIOS and is saying that more than one device is trying to use the same Plug and Play system resource. Usually this will not occur because the BIOS will adjust resource allocations to prevent a conflict.

Diagnosis: The most usual cause of this problem is certain cards that designate their resource usage in a strange way. Without getting into too many details, some peripherals such as the Pro Audio Spectrum will allocate an I/O address in two different ways. It is the same resource, but the BIOS becomes confused and thinks that there is a conflict. In other cases, the BIOS thinks there is another kind of conflict when there isn't. The BIOS usually needs to be reset to avoid this situation recurring.


  • Attempt to discern, if possible, whether or not you really have a resource conflict. If you do, then resolve this situation.
  • Try to reboot the system to see if this makes the problem go away.
  • Remove all expansion cards from the system and reboot the PC. This may make the problem go away so you can boot the machine. Then re-insert the cards and see if the message goes away.
  • If you cannot get the message to clear, you will have to clear the CMOS memory.

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