Troubleshooting Modems - Operation and Connection Problems

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I am trying to get a connection with my modem but it doesn't work

I cannot get a response from my modem when I try to give it an "AT" command

I cannot hear the phone number being dialed when I try to dial out, so I suspect that the speaker on my modem doesn't work

The modem responds with "NO DIALTONE" when I try to dial out

My modem dials the number I request but cannot connect to the host I am dialing

I am able to establish a connection to a remote host, but I am frequently getting disconnected

My modem came preconfigured to use COM2, but I have the COM2 serial port built into my PC and they are conflicting

The modem's integrated speaker volume is too high or too low, or the modem noises from the modem don't turn off after a connection is achieved

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