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The modem's integrated speaker volume is too high or too low, or the modem noises from the modem don't turn off after a connection is achieved

Explanation: The modem's speaker is not behaving the way you would like it to. It is either staying on too long (after a connection) or its volume is incorrect.

Diagnosis: These problems are routinely caused by issuing the wrong AT commands to the modem. This may be occurring as part of the initialization string that many software packages store for each modem they support.


  • Change the initialization string or command so that the correct settings for the speaker are chosen. The affected commands are "ATM" and "ATL". To set the "normal" values that most people use, issue the command "ATM1L1", which sets the speaker to low volume, and turns it off when a connection is established.
  • Consult your modem documentation if the command above doesn't work.

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