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My modem says it is connecting at a speed of 115,200 baud, but my modem isn't supposed to be that fast and I don't get that kind of throughput when downloading

Explanation: The modem is reporting a connection at the speed 115,200, however, the modem does not actually seem to be sending data through at that rate.

Diagnosis: The modem is not connecting at that speed. What that speed represents is the transfer rate from the modem through to the PC system. The modem's true connection rate--the connection speed over the phone line to the remote computer--is something lower. You will need to issue an AT command to the modem (or change the configuration of your communications software) to get it to report the true connection speed of the modem. A common reason for setting the internal connection speed higher than the external connection speed is the use of compression. Two modems using compression when talking to each other can transmit data, say, at 28,800 over the phone line but at double that rate when talking to their machines internally.


  • Don't worry about the 115,200 baud being reported as the modem speed. Just realize that it is not actually the speed of your modem.
  • If you need to see the correct connection speed, you will need to consult the documentation for your modem. You are looking for an AT command that will tell the modem to report the external connection speed and not the speed that is just within the PC.

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