Troubleshooting Power Sources and Power Protection Devices

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The power supply appears to not be functioning

I've noticed that the lights flicker occasionally in my office and sometimes when they do, the PC will hang or reboot

I need to run my PC on a different voltage, but there is no switch to change the line voltage

There's a squealing or whining sound coming from the power supply when I turn it on

The fan on my power supply has stopped blowing, is turning very slowly and not blowing hard, is making noises, or is only working intermittently

My power protection device (surge suppressor, UPS, etc.) seems to be dead

My UPS is supposed to provide {N} minutes of backup power, but mine cuts out after much less time than that

My UPS doesn't provide proper backup power when the line power goes out

Windows automatically turns off the PC when I tell it to shut down, and I don't want it to (or vice-versa)

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