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I need to run my PC on a different voltage, but there is no switch to change the line voltage

Explanation: The PC is currently set to 110 volt input, but needs to be able to run at 220 volts (or vice-versa) and there is no voltage switch on the back of the power supply.

Diagnosis: Sometimes there actually is a voltage switch, but it is hidden, either intentionally or unintentionally, under labels or covers on the back of the PC. Otherwise, you will need to use a voltage converter.


  • Check carefully on the back of the power supply for a switch, looking under any labels there (on a new PC, do not remove any labels that warn you about voiding your warranty).
  • Use a voltage conversion device. These are sold in electronics shops; Radio Shack is a good place to start. Make sure you ask for something that will work with a PC.
  • Replace the power supply with a unit that has selectable voltage. This is a bit of a pain but will certainly solve the problem.

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