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My power protection device (surge suppressor, UPS, etc.) seems to be dead

Explanation: The surge suppressor, UPS or other power protection or conditioning device that is being used with the PC appears to have failed.

Diagnosis: There is something wrong internally with the device. This may be a simple problem that is easy to correct, but often, it is necessary to either repair or replace the device.


  • If you haven't already, make sure that it is the power protection device that is dead and not the wall socket that it is plugged into. Try a different socket that is known to work already. Also make sure that it isn't the PC itself that is dead, by plugging in another appliance into the protection device and seeing if it works.
  • Check the device (or its documentation) for a fuse or a circuit breaker that may have tripped. If this has happened, reset the breaker or replace the fuse, and the device should be fine. Only replace the fuse with another identical fuse; the easiest way is to take the old fuse to the store with you and ask for a replacement. If the fuse blows again soon after replacement, then either the device has a flaw or your wall power is very bad.
  • Use the technical support options provided by the manufacturer of the device.

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