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Troubleshooting BIOS Beep Codes - Other Brand

Unfortunately, I do not at this time have diagnostic beep code information for BIOS brands other than AMI, Award and Phoenix.

Here are some ideas:

  • Contact your system or motherboard vendor for technical support. You may be able to find the information you need on their web page; try here for an index.
  • Check for a listing of beep codes and what they might mean in your owner's manual. Then look through the beep code listings for one of the other BIOS manufacturers that I have listed above, find a description that matches the description you found in your manual, and follow the troubleshooting directions there. Be careful however, since BIOSes vary.
  • Since many beep codes point to apparent failure of the motherboard or a system device, or failure of the system memory, try those troubleshooting sections and see if anything helps.

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