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CMOS memory size mismatch

Explanation: Some PCs store the total amount of memory as a BIOS setting and then compare the value against what they detect in hardware when the PC is booted. A message is produced when the system sees a different amount of memory than what it was expecting. Most newer PCs do not bother with this but just use what they detect when the machine is powered up.

Diagnosis: Depending on the circumstances, this may not really be an error message at all. Many systems will produce this message the first time that they are booted after a memory addition or subtraction, and then the problem will go away thereafter. If this problem is occurring repeatedly, or after no change in memory, then there may be a problem.

Recommendation: Enter the BIOS setup program and verify that it now shows the correct amount of memory. If your BIOS requires you to enter the memory total, make sure you specify the correct amount of memory in the system. Then reboot the PC; the message should not return. If it does, then you should treat this as a corrupted CMOS problem.

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