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Hard disk initializing; please wait a moment...

Explanation: In the early days of PCs, it took a long time to boot the system. PCs have gotten much faster and people have started to want their machines to boot in less time. As a result, some PCs now boot up so quickly that they try to autodetect the hard disks, or even boot the operating system from the hard disk, before the hard disk is ready to go. This can cause apparent failures with the hard disk if the situation is not detected. When this message appears, the system is being smart enough to detect this condition and wait for the hard disk to respond.

Diagnosis: The system is behaving normally, as long as it continues to boot and doesn't halt when this message is displayed.

Recommendation: No action is required if the boot proceeds normally. If the system hangs after displaying this message, you should treat this as a hard disk problem.

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