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Thread: Easy CD Creator problem

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    Question Easy CD Creator problem

    Hi, all. I am running the above version of CD Creator with Windows 2000 Pro. When I attempt to start a new project and write to a CD-R disk, the software starts, I get the "Initializing Engine..." box, but it stops at that point. No "Initializing Views...". I end up having to re-boot to get CD Creator to run. No other software other than Norton Anti-virus and Zone-Alarm are running. I put a blank CD in the writter before starting the software. My writer is a Plextor 8/4/32A.
    Thanks for any suggestions.
    MSI K8N Neo4 Ultra Platinum (MS-7125-010)
    Bios 1.3
    AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice
    Corsair Value Ram kit VS2GBKIT400C3
    Asus EN8400GS Silent 512MB
    CPU FAN AMD Stock
    Antec TPII-550W
    Hitachi 250GB SATA2 on SATA port 1
    DVD+-RW Tosh. SD-R5372 & Sony DDU1613/B2s; both on IDE2
    Win XP Pro, SP2

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    Troubleshooting document Here.

    e. Engine Initialization Error
    Does Easy CD Creator's Engine Initialize? If it doesn't it will not be able to access the CD-R/RW's. To test this go to "Start" then "Programs"/"All Programs" then to "Roxio Easy CD Creator 5" then "Applications" and click on "Easy CD Creator". Immediately a window should open saying "Roxio Easy CD Creator 5, Initializing Views" this should go away and the application should launch.
    If the software hangs at this point and you do not receive an error message. A piece of hardware or a hardware driver is interfering with our software. The most common cause is video cards (Matrox and ATI in particular) updating the drivers will correct this. However we have also seen this caused by some external devices, for example flash card readers among others. Try disconnecting external devices to find the cause. If your receive an error message about "Creator API", "Can't create creator" or "Engine Initialization has failed", then a bad installation of Easy CD Creator is indicated.
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