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Windows System Resource Optimization

The Windows operating system uses several small areas of your overall system memory for its own purposes; some of these areas it calls "system resources". These pockets of memory are used by Windows programs to perform various tasks. They are limited in size, which makes optimizing and conserving them important. When Windows runs out of system resources, spurious behavior begins, such as crashing programs, file corruption, video image problems, etc. These problems are more common with Windows 3.x than they are with Windows 95 (which was designed in part to fix the system resource problems that plagued Windows 3.x).

This section provides some ideas on how to manage and conserve system resources, to allow multiple programs to be opened at once, and to reduce the chances of crashes or system problems.

Note: Do not confuse Windows system resources with hardware system resources (IRQs, DMA channels, etc.) They are different concepts; the hardware system resource optimization area is here.

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