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NTFS 1.1 / 4.0

The most widely-implemented version of the NTFS file system has two different names. It is "officially" called NTFS version 1.1. However, it is also commonly called NTFS 4.0, in reference to its use by the most popular version of the operating system, Windows NT 4.0. NTFS 1.1 is also used natively by the prior version of Windows NT, Windows NT 3.51. It is also supported by several other operating systems, for compatibility purposes, though generally only in "read only" mode. (See this comparison table for more information.)

All of the fundametal characteristics and features explained in the other sections in our coverage of NTFS are supported by NTFS 1.1. When people talk about NTFS, they typically consider NTFS 1.1 to be the "default" version of the file system. Reflecting this, I have not specifically identified each NTFS feature as being supported by NTFS 1.1. Instead, I have labeled the few features particular to NTFS 5.0 appropriately, so you can watch for these notes if you want to be sure to identify where the differences in NTFS versions are. Of course, the following page on NTFS 5.0 also lists the main changes made in NTFS 5.0 as well.

Windows 2000 is designed specifically to use NTFS version 5.0. Because of this requirement, and because Windows 2000 (and its successors) will likely replace Windows NT over time, it seems likely that NTFS 1.1 will eventually be relegated to a "background" role. However, the vast popularity of Windows NT, and its millions of current installtions, mean that NTFS 1.1 partitions will be around for a long time to come.

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