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Don't Panic or Overestimate the Magnitude of the Problem

Probably the most important single thing to keep in mind when you find a problem with your PC is not to panic. Being in "panic mode" makes it extremely difficult for you to work on solving the problem, and in many cases the panic will turn out to be unwarranted anyway. Remember that most PC problems do not have to be solved with a clock ticking away in the background; this isn't a time bomb you are dealing with and if it is easier to turn off the PC and deal with the problem later, do so.

In fact, there are many problems with PCs that appear to be very serious but in fact are not. It isn't always possible to tell at the beginning how serious a problem is just by its outward symptoms. For example, there are some problems that can manifest themselves with your hard disk appearing to be crashed and all of its data lost. Sometimes real crashes do occur, but there are other problems that can cause a disk to appear crashed when really the problem is simple and can be fixed in a matter of a few minutes.

Panicking can also lead you to jump to a solution to the perceived problem before you really understand it, which can make matters worse.

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