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There is a suspected general failure of the monitor, but the monitor seems to have input power

Explanation: The monitor does not appear to be working, but it does have power.

Diagnosis: The monitor at least has power, which is good. There can be many different possible reasons why the monitor would not have any display signal, including a possible problem with the video card itself.


  • Make sure that this monitor will work with the PC that it is connected to.
  • Try the monitor with a different PC and see if it works.
  • Check the brightness and contrast controls. Make sure that they are turned up; a brightness control turned all the way down can make a monitor appear to be dead when it is actually working fine.
  • There may be a problem with the cable or video card, preventing the monitor from getting the right signal. Troubleshoot the connection from the PC to the monitor.
  • Try changing any of the other controls on the front of the monitor to see if something is set incorrectly. Sometimes setting the controls to a strange combination can cause the monitor to not display properly.
  • If you cannot get the monitor to function you will probably have to get it repaired. You will need to decide if the repair is worthwhile, but usually getting an estimate at least makes sense.

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