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There is a great deal of glare off the surface of the screen, partially obscuring the displayed image

Explanation: There is a lot of glare from lights and other objects, reflecting off the surface of the screen.

Diagnosis: A certain amount of glare is common with CRTs, and is exacerbated particularly by the use of overhead lights. The more rounded the surface of the CRT, the more likely you will have glare problems.


  • Change the ambient lighting in the room. Avoid lights directly overhead or behind you. Change the angling of lights used in the room. Don't place the PC so that the monitor faces an outside window.
  • Buy an anti-glare filter for your monitor. Sold in most computer and office stores, these filters fit over the surface of your monitor and dramatically cut down on glare. They also dim the apparent brightness of the image, however.
  • Buy a replacement monitor that uses a more flat picture tube. These tend to have fewer problems with glare.

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