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The system does not respond when I try to reboot it by pressing {Ctrl}+{Alt}+{Delete}

Explanation: Your system is not responding when you perform the "three-fingered salute" to reboot it.

Diagnosis: This is actually not a hardware issue related to the keyboard at all. It is usually caused by the PC either being locked hard due to a software bug, or the operating system "trapping" the keystrokes and ignoring them. For example, Windows usually traps {Ctrl}+{Alt}+{Delete} signal and uses it to bring up the Task Manager or Close Programs box, instead of resetting the PC. If Windows gets gummed up then there may be no response to the signal.


  • Try pressing {Ctrl}+{Alt}+{Delete} a second time. In some situations this will cause the PC to reboot properly.
  • Use the reset button on the system case. There's really no major difference between the two different ways of resetting, if the keyboard reset isn't working.
  • Remember to scan for file system corruption after resetting the system in this manner.

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